International Babywearing Week

By Bellas Little Ones, October 6, 2016

Bring Your Mum to the Party

This week is Australian and NZ Babywearing Week (ANZBW), a country-wide celebration of ergonomic ways to carry your little one with slings, wraps and soft structured carriers – and the amazing mums and dads who use them every day (and the babies as well, of course…).

It’s a time to park the pram

The event lasts from October 5 – October 10 and runs alongside the worldwide International Babywearing Week. It aims to promote the practical and freeing practice of Babywearing offering a beautiful carry solution in the parenting world. For many it’s a time to park the pram and discover a whole new fun and way to develop the calming cuddle connection. ANZBW also aims to educate parents and other caregivers about the many benefits (to adults and children) of using a baby carriying soluiton with workshops, demos and talks.

Take the plunge

If you’re thinking about babywearing, whether you’re pregnant or your little one is already here, you’ll be more than welcome to join an event local to you. Just have a look at babywearingweek.com.au/find-an-event/ to find your nearest gathering and head along. Most events are held in cities and towns, so if you are keen for a day trip to your nearest urban centre, this could be the perfect excuse!

ANZBW is in its seventh year now and is still going strong, with many great people – coming together to share advice, tips and maybe even demonstrate how you can soothe a restless baby. If your or your extended family are new to the beautiful process of using a wraps or soft structured carriers, this could be the ideal opportunity to put your minds at rest, as well as to enjoy getting out and about, at a positive and supportive parenting event. Most events involve workshops and tutorials, so this is a great opportunity to have your questions answered.

Share your tips

If you’re a keen and experienced babywearer yourself, your knowledge might come in handy, so why not go along and share your wisdom and encouragement for those new to the world of parenting.