It’s International Babywearing Week

By Bellas Little Ones, October 9, 2016

It’s International Babywearing Week

That’s right – International Babywearing Week! IBW is a global event that spreads the word – and the love – of babywearing in all its forms. Here in Aus, we have our own week that runs alongside IBW (October 5 to October 10), known as Australia & NZ Babywearing Week (ANZBW).

This event has the same aims as IBW and it’s now in its seventh successful year; this year’s theme is “Best Seat in the House” and there will be around 40 different happenings in various towns and cities in Australia and New Zealand. If you’re interested in going to one near to you, consult and come along, you’ll be more than welcome.

Bring your bump

You don’t have to actually have a baby yet to join in ANZBW! If you’re expecting your first child or if you’re looking for a practical alternative to using prams, you’ll find one of the events a wealth of information, advice and encouragement. If you already have a baby or two, you can view a range of new carrying solutions and enjoy this picnic celebration, meeting up with new and old friends with those on the similar parenting journey as you.

Feel the benefits

Babywearing isn’t some new fad, or a passing trend; as research continues to highlight the many developmental and bonding benefits of keeping your little one close. If you are still new to the Babywearing world then come along and experience the benefits for yourself.

An afternoon spent with long-term experienced baby wearers and baby wearing experts will highlight the benefits for both baby and parent, calming the infant and increasing the vital bond. Visitors will also learn how to carry their babies safely, and how to keep themselves comfortable, as well as how to choose the best sort of carrier for their familiy’s lifestyle.