Manduca Baby Carrier

By Bellas Little Ones, February 28, 2016

The Manduca baby carrier was designed in Germany and worldwide babywearing experts, as well as the Australian Physiotherapy Association and the Australian Breastfeeding Association, recommend and endorse it.

This soft but structured baby carrier, is designed to carry newborns from 3.5kg to pre-schoolers up to 20kg. For carrying infants, there is an inbuilt seat so that the baby can be positioned in the supportive “M” position where their hips and upper thighs are well supported by the carrier in a seated position and their little knees are higher than their hips. There’s also inbuilt support for the infant’s head and neck from the padded wraparound top panel.

Adults of different sizes will also find the Manduca baby carrier easy to use, too. The waist belt can extend out to 140cm, so everyone from smaller women to bigger men can share the same carrier by making a few quick adjustments. Likewise, the Manduca carrier can be used as a 3 position carrier – as a front carrier (baby facing in toward the parent), a back carrier (from 6 months) and also as a hip carrier (from 3 months).The Manduca baby carrier is designed to grow and change alongside the child. It has an extendable back panel that can be unzipped or zipped up depending on the needs and size of the child.

This carrier is also built for long-term comfort for both parent and child – it has well-padded shoulder straps and anatomically-shaped waist belt so that the child’s weight is distributed evenly across the body of the wearer. The child itself is able to sit or lie in the “M” position that Orthopaedic Specialists recommend for optimum spine and pelvis development.

For extra safety and peace of mind, the Manduca carrier has a three-point hip belt buckle to minimise the risk of the belt opening with the child still in the carrier. Enjoy your Manduca – Safe and Secure.