Ten Great Friends Every Mum Needs

By Bellas Little Ones, February 7, 2016

The ever-ready mum

This mum always has band-aids, snacks, baby wipes, antibac and a can-do attitude on her. She had a bottomless nappy bag full of helpful treasures and she’s also generous to a fault and doesn’t judge you for only packing two nappies.

The strong-stomached mum

Got a weird rash? Gunk coming out of an ear? Give her a call, she’ll be right over to diagnose and comb. This mum has no problems with the messier aspects of parenting and gets a real kick out of ick.

The baking mum

She lives in – and for – her kitchen and welcomes everyone in. She loves the fact that everyone loves her food and doesn’t miss an opportunity to dish it out to people of all ages and tastes. Delightful and delicious treats makes everything feel better.

The craft-guru mum

She’s also great at DIY and is some kind of wizard when it comes to craft projects, with a storeroom full of things you never even knew existed (until you find out you need a caterpillar costume TOMORROW…).

The real friend

She never judges, never guilt-trips you and you know your secrets are safe with her. She’s a solid, kind presence in the lives of you and your family. Unconditional acceptance – that’s her.

The unofficial kindergarten mum

Always has an open house and never quails at “just one more” grubby face appearing for dinner. She always has games and toys on the go, a house full of kids, the latest DVD, or a huge messy garden to play in.

The party mum

Oh yes –this mum is a treat to be around. She likes to have a good time and makes every day feel like a party. Always happy to see you and to have fun of course. A dose of brightness and celebrating life …is a boost for everyones day.

The easy going mum

You can leave your kids to get along with each other when you meet up with this mum. No helicopter parenting here. You get on well, your kids get on well and you’re both comfortable enough to let kids be kids. Perfect.

The New mum

When you need a newborn fix, she’s there and is often happy to give you what you want. It’s lovely to remember how squishy and adorable new babies are – and then to hand them back for their 50th feed or nappy change of the day…

The Veteran mum

She’s been through it all and is proof that there is life beyond mashed banana and poo. You look at her amazing hair and handbags and feel a glimmer of hope.