Three Parenting Trends for 2016

By Bellas Little Ones, February 19, 2016

Uber-relaxed parenting

This parenting trend will see mums and dads copying the style of veteran parents and relaxing a bit. You know – less intense – more relaxed inclusive style of parenting. No helicopter parenting to be seen here, no micromanaged playdates and Mandarin lessons. Getting back to the basics , back to nature. Letting children enjoy the joy of new discoveries (even with the mess) and have more moments to just explore and be and enjoy… being children. Phew.


People just do too much these days and kids can get over-tired and emotionally exhausted. Dance classes, playdates, language lessons, choir, you name it, there’s an entire calendar full of busy! In 2016, parents are going to take their feet off the pedal a bit and spend less time doing and more time just being. I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief at that!

Keeping Baby Close in a Baby Carrier – it’s a shared thing.

With the increasing research support for the amazing benefits of keeping your baby and young child close in their formative years – todays parents are listening to this research. No longer seen as a primitive practice – both Mums and Dads are enjoying both the practical benefits of hands free / out and about carrying with their little ones –knowing with confidence that they are making this choice to support their baby to thrive. And guess what – babies are loving it!!!